Southern Granite Company


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This outstanding marble columnar arbor was the first public monument in Augusta, Georgia to honor a woman, Emily Tubman, for her humanitarian contributions. This arbor is 21-ft. –long and 13-ft. –high. The columns feature Greek ionic caps, which were hand-tooled by Southern’s sculptor. The octagonal planter and top frieze were manufactured by using the company’s Eco Sf 25/15 wire saw, and the columns were turned on our turning lathe.



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Our firm was selected to manufacture this particular memorial because we were one of the few companies that could craft all components in house. This memorial was produce for, John Lauritzen, Chairman of the Board of the First National Bank in Omaha, NE, and an originator of the Bank of America Credit Card (Visa). The Lauritzen monument is 13-ft. -high and 29-ft. –long. Each of the eight 9-ft., 4-in. –high columns has eight surfaces, and the concave caps atop the columns are 12-ft. –long. Between the columns, a steeled tablet stands 6-ft. -high on which the family name is engraved. The all polished emerald green ball, which is 2-ft., 2-in. in diameter and resting on a 3-ft. –high, convex shaped pedestal, represents a globe and Mr. Lauritzen’s recognition in Who’s Who in the world. Other aspects of the memorial include the five, 1-ft., 10-in. –thick emerald green bases.


The Miller family owned several Shell distributorships and decided to have their memorial shaped like the Shell Emblem. The all steeled Elberton Blue monument is 4-ft -wide by 4-ft., 6in. -tall, and it sits upon an all steeled Elberton Blue base that is 4-ft., 6in.- long by 2-ft.-wide. This memorial was first cut out by the company’s Eco Sf 25/15 wire saw and then shaped and lettered by Southern’s sculptor. The letters, standing 11-in.-tall, are polished square raised.