Southern Granite Company


“Thanks to Southern Granite Company for making the Emily Tubman Monument an actuality.  Our desire for skilled craftsmanship was exceeded.  The monument is beautiful beyond our expectations, and Augustans have been overwhelmed and delighted by its magnificence.  Despite the deadline which had to be met and the many decisions made during the development, you were always courteous and professional in every respect—customer service your goal.  Southern Granite Company ensured our satisfaction by all these distinguished qualities.  It has been an immense pleasure doing business with you.  Thank you for making the dedication of the Emily Tubman Monument on March 21, 1994, the 200th anniversary of her birth, a great success!”

Charles A. Devaney, Mayor

Carole P. Hayes, Chairwoman Emily Tubman Monument Committee

The City Of Augusta Georgia



“Southern Granite Company was selected for the project because their engineering seemed to best meet the unique challenges this job represented.

The engraving was a mathematical challenge and the fact that it was accomplished perfectly testifies to the accuracy of Southern Granite’s fabrication.  The final results speak for themselves and are very impressive, resulting in a very satisfied customer.”

Fewell Monument Company

Scottsburg, IN


“It is great to work with such a progressive company that gives such personalized service.  Southern Granite Company has very unique designs and the ability to help us with any design that we need.  The quality of their granite and craftsmanship is excellent.”

Henry & Henry Monuments

Marion,  KY


“In my business I specialize in monuments for cemeteries and churches which have traditional Celtic designwork.  Celtic crosses make up a large part of my business.  They are particularly difficult to manufacture.  I add intricate carvings to the face of my crosses.  Consequently, the holes must be cut to the right size and shape and all dimensions must be held to extremely tight tolerances, or the carvings will not fit properly.

The folks at Southern Granite have made it very simple for me to get the quality I need.  I just e-mail them the cutting pattern, they load it into their saw’s computer, and I get exactly what I order every time.”

John W. Scott

Owner – High Cross Monument Co.

Beaumont,  TX